Introduction to Talismans using the Holy Name YHVH

 It’s one massive information dump.  The details can be tedious.  However, you will find just about everything you need to know about making talismans. I use a different spelling of words like Cabbala, Kabbalah or Qabalah. I do this as a reminder to everyone that Cabbala is not spelled with a C or a K. Qabalah (קבלה) is spelled with a Qoph (ק). Qof or Qoph are spelled with an “f.” That’s because the last letter in the letter name Qof (קוף) is Peh. Peh (ף) and Qof (ק) are Hebrew letters. These letters as transliterated into English and from this transliteration the different spellings of the same words. Moral of the story, don’t get hung up on the different spellings. OBTW. Notice that Peh (פ) comes at the end of a word, Qof (קוף). Therefore the final letter Peh (ף) is used.  Peh means “mouth,” and this is the mouth of Tetragrammaton in Deuteronomy 8: 3.  So He humbled you, allowed you to hunger, and fed you with manna which you did not know nor did your fathers know, that He might make

Where to start? If are New into Kabbalistic name of God YHVH

     Please don't jump right into demonalatry right at the beginning. If you insist, I recommend Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield, but most demonalators would say that is not great because it is Solomonic. They will point you towards S. Connolly. I personally feel this is an adolescent path, but there are many who swear by it... Personally, I recommend joining like  B.O.T.A. and getting through the first three courses (Seven Steps in Practical Occultism, Introduction to Tarot, Tarot Fundamentals), then branching out. The courses are not about reading Tarot at all, but rather meditating on Tarot as a philosophical structure that stimulates personal evolution. It is Cabalistic, but not Solomonic.  Or Dive to the Secret Meaning and interpretation of Dream like This , as Starting point as it were, this is the door to the other world.

The Best time to apply auto-suggestion to teach yourself to succeed

 If you were able to wake up while you were dreaming for example you saw "a black dress or you were wearing a black dress" it turns out that while you were asleep or dreaming "you are in control of the situation." That means, you are not "too sleepy or sleepy." Is that right? In general, there are two types of dreamers. First, you dreamed while you were sound asleep or really asleep. And secondly, you are dreaming at a time when "your waking and sleeping spirit are arguing" - this is the dream at the time when you are about to wake up. This dream usually occurs at dawn or in the morning.

Yod Pattern in the Natal Chart

  If you have a Yod, you are on a spiritual mission. If you're a couple, your relationship has a purpose to bring about the best in you and the other person. Here are 10 things to know about a Yod in astrology, and what it means if you have one in a natal, synastry, or composite chart. 1. What is a Yod? A Yod is a very rare astrological phenomenon. A Yod is also known as the 'Finger of Fate,' the 'Finger of God,' or a Projection Triangle.' 2.   How does a Yod form in a natal, composite or synastry chart? This happens when three planets form a long triangle on your natal chart. Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner 3. Is it good to have a Yod? In astrology, a Yod indicates a person or event that has strong, powerful, and mystical forces. 4. What are the negatives to a Yod? But, a Yod can also indicate stress, anxiety, uneasiness, and restlessness, along with a feeling of being lost, depressed, complete despair, stuck, and hopelessness. Yo

All is number, the famed dictum of the Pythagorean

 Not only was Pythagoras the first to identify the numerical relationships between music intervals, but he was also the first to speak of numbers as storytellers. males, Pythagoras' predecessor, suggested everything comes from the element of Water which in astrological symbolism would include Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. 

Faith guided by the Holy Spirit

 I realized that it is not enough to believe in God. First of all, there are many Gods and that is the danger in faith. It is said that it is better to believe that there is no God than to fall into false faith. According to the scriptures, you cannot serve two Gods, because you will love one and hate the other. So this is exactly my main reason why I use the tetragrammaton YHVH To determine who and what God is believed in. In my search for the truth, I listen to different Authors even Alien believers I also listen to. To avoid being manipulated by a pastor, because when you are manipulated, it will be difficult for the Holy Spirit to guide you.  

( Fire ) Atziluth - אצילות - Nobility

 The world of Atziluth is an abstract concept because it contains all information. Atziluth is one step in and a half step below the Ain Sof Aur or Limitless light. Since Atziluth includes all data, it cannot be adequately described. The ideas that are associated with Atziluth include element Fire.

The four worlds of the Kabbalah or The Secret name of GOD

 Technically, there are five worlds. The highest is the Adam Kadmon, but this world is so transcendent, it’s difficult to describe and so is often excluded.  Three of the four worlds are called out in Isaiah 43: 7   Everyone who is called by my name, whom I created (Briah, בראתיו ) for my glory (ולכבודי), whom I formed (Yetzirah, יצרתיו) and made (Assiah, עשיתיו).